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Orthopedic pillow COLLAGEN pillow neck pillow 60X40

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1. Size: 60x40x15cm for great support.
2. Material: Premium Visco Memory Foam for maximum comfort.
3. Cover: Unique collagen-treated, non-quilted cover.
4. New in Germany: Exclusively and available from us for the first time.
5. Satisfaction Guarantee: 99% satisfied customers - your sleep is important to us!
6. Skin care: Natural collagen content for revitalizing skin care.
7. Unique design: Only available from us, unique product.
8. Quality: High-quality workmanship for long-lasting enjoyment.
9. Innovation: State-of-the-art technology for healthy sleep.
10. Price: Affordable yet luxurious - the best for your sleep.


1. Natural Collagen Content: The collagen tissue in the pillow naturally supports skin health.
2. Promotes skin renewal: Collagen cushions can increase skin elasticity and reduce the effects of aging.
3. Hypoallergenic materials: Hypoallergenic materials are typically used in the production of collagen pillows to minimize allergic reactions.
4. Moisture Absorption: Retains skin moisture, leaving skin looking fresher and more vibrant.
5. Easy care: Collagen pillows are usually made of washable fabrics, which makes cleaning easier.
6. Ergonomic design: Conforms to the shape of the body and increases comfort while sleeping.
7. Hypoallergenic filler: Collagen pillows are typically filled with hypoallergenic filler to minimize allergic reactions.
8. Improves sleep quality: Provides a comfortable sleeping position and supports the body for better sleep quality.
9. Nourishing effect on the skin: Collagen pillows can supply the skin with the necessary nutrients while you sleep, thus contributing to a healthier complexion.
10. Longevity: Collagen pillows made of high quality materials are durable and provide long-lasting support.

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Argahome Collagen Pillow: Your source for restful sleep and radiant skin

The Argahome Collagen Pillow is not just a pillow, but an innovation for your sleep and skin care needs. With a unique combination of high-quality memory foam and collagen-treated fabric, it gives you the best of both worlds.


Our pillow not only offers exceptional comfort, but also a variety of health benefits:

1. Natural collagen content: The integrated collagen tissue naturally supports skin health, promotes elasticity and reduces the signs of skin change.
2. Hypoallergenic Materials: Carefully selected hypoallergenic materials minimize allergic reactions and provide gentle care while the pillow absorbs moisture and keeps your skin fresh and radiant.
3. Ergonomic design: The pillow adapts perfectly to your body shape and provides optimal support for your head, neck and spine.
4. Personalized adjustment: Thanks to the memory foam, the pillow adapts individually to your body temperature and contour to offer you a tailored sleeping experience.
5. Breathability: The pillow ensures optimal air circulation to avoid overheating and ensure a comfortable sleeping environment.

Special features:

• Zipper for easy cleaning: The collagen-treated cover features a zipper that makes cleaning effortless.
• Öke Test 100 certified: Our pillow is certified according to Öke-Tex Standard 100, which means that it is free from harmful substances and offers the highest level of safety.
• ISO certifications: Our production facilities have all ISO certificates that underline our commitment to quality and sustainability.
• Industry-leading manufacturing facilities: Our manufacturing facilities are known for their highest standards in the industry, ensuring the outstanding quality of each and every pillow.

Your individual sleep experience:

The height of the pillow can be adjusted, especially for side sleepers, to ensure optimal shoulder alignment.

Unique and just for you:

The Argahome collagen pillow is exclusive and only available from us. Pamper yourself with the comfort and beauty that this exceptional product offers.

Experience the difference every morning that the Argahome collagen pillow makes for your skin and your sleep. Treat yourself to the best care you deserve.